Our mission

We are a passionate group of students at the Yale School of Management who want to create a lasting, positive impact for business and society through entrepreneurship.  Our club is function-oriented and cross-industry, educating and empowering students to solve business and societal challenges and catalyzing innovative solutions whether in big companies, the government, new ventures, or beyond.

Team (2017 - 2018)


Tejas Kataria '18

MBA Internship: Toast Inc.

Venture: WorkerWhiz

Pre-MBA: Deloitte Consulting

Fun Fact: I can speak in 6 languages and am currently trying to learn Spanish.

Dianna Liu '18

MBA Internship: Working on venture

Venture: ARIX Technologies, Inc.

Pre-MBA: ExxonMobil Corporation

Fun Fact: I love horses and am also the founder & co-owner of a 16-year old and still active online horse game.

Matt Dittrich '18

MBA Internship: Trilogy Search Partners

Pre-MBA: Bain & Company and startups

Fun Fact: I have a twin sister and she is awesome. I am also a Theodore Roosevelt aficionado. These facts are related.

Habib Maya '18

MBA Internship: GE Ventures

Pre-MBA: Deloitte Consulting

Fun Fact: My most fun challenge was jumping of a plane off of 15,000 feet to skydive. It was a challenge from my wife. I don't accept challenges from my wife anymore.


Eleni Steinman '18

MBA Internship:  Hugo & Hoby

Pre-MBA:  The U.S. Export-Import Bank

Fun Fact: I was state champion in karate  (for my age group) at 8-years old. 


What we've done


  • Startup fairs
  • Pitch competitions
  • Founder speed dating 
  • Job treks 
  • Alumni events 

Skill Building

  • Conduct customer interviews
  • Prototype
  • Problem definition


  • Justin Borgman,  Hadapt
  • Dan Wolchonok, PrepWork.com