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Blockchain for Business with Dr John Maheswaran, (Yale PhD '15)

Agenda: Blockchain technology is revolutionizing a wide range of businesses and industries. Blockchain tech began with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. The potential applications of blockchain are widespread and far-reaching- from fintech, to electronic medical records, to startup funding (via initial coin offerings) to supply chain tracking along with other secure distributed big data business opportunities. This talk will cover the following hot topics:
1. Intro to blockchain / blockchain for beginners - overview of blockchain technology, how it works, applications, different examples (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger etc)
2. Blockchain for business - overview of the applications of blockchain, focus on the business applications, market players, industries that are using blockchain
3. Emerging technologies in blockchain - the emergence of private blockchains for enterprise solutions, smart contracts/chaincodes, ICOs/token sales etc
4. Q & A

Bio: Dr John Maheswaran is a Yale alumnus and world expert in applied cryptography, distributed computer systems and blockchain technology. He received his PhD in computer science from Yale in 2015, where he focused his research on advanced cryptography applied to distributed systems under Prof Bryan Ford. His PhD thesis project "Crypto-Book" included work on privacy preserving authentication techniques, Safer Warfighter Communications research funded by DARPA, and research funded by the NSF. After graduating, he joined Bloomberg where he worked on their electronic equity trading platform. He then joined Axoni, a distinguished fintech startup that has raised over $20 million that uses blockchain technology for post-trade settlement and reconciliation for credit default swaps. As an early employee at Axoni he played a critical role in architecting their core blockchain solutions. He recently left Axoni to join another early stage project which is currently in stealth mode. In addition to his PhD, he holds a Master of Science and a Master of Philosophy, both in computer science from Yale, and a Bachelor's in computer science from the University of Cambridge.