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The Fintech Transformation Conference

Where: SOM

volunteer opportunities available!


Fintech is dramatically reshaping human economic life.  It is opening access to markets, investment and credit.  It is inventing new ways to solve age-old financial problems. It has reduced fees, disintermediated banks and brought financial services to emerging economies.  How can we best use FinTech for the benefit of society and what unintended consequences should we be concerned with?

Can Fintech make the world a better, safer, more humane place?  How can it improve planning, saving, investment, safety and decision-making?  Can it simplify our lives, improve global living standards and democratize access to capital? Will it change the way we think and behave?  Will it raise the potential for systemic disruption and social divergence?

The Yale ICF conference will convene thought leaders in finance, technology, and academia to explore FinTech’s potential for further reshaping our world.